Hello, and welcome

The last couple of years has seen me in a deeply creative place, working on what is now “Clear Day”, my newest album which is now making its way out onto the world, as I type this. I’m eager to tell the story – the whole story! But where do I even start?

I think the music is the way to begin. And I will fill in the blanks – or maybe not. Maybe you will fill in your own blanks. The bottom line is, the feelings and emotions expressed through this music is so personal, and so…mine. But they’re universal feelings, and I hope you will find something to connect with here. To me, this is a soundtrack, a score, supporting the last four years of my life. What could be a better way to express joy? What could be a better way to find your way through grief.  How can you express something that you can’t put into words?

I think I’ve found the words now, but only after the profound process of making this record.

It’s daring, and joyful. It’s melancholy and tragic. It’s sweet and simple. And it’s epic!

I will share more of the process right here. But to learn more, take a look at this video, or head over to iTunes to hear some previews.