Who’s Who? Part 1

When I think of all of the musical talent that is captured on this album I get a tremendous rush of pride and a feeling of wonder. There are so many musicians coming together to make these sounds! It’s truly incredible.

I want to tell you who all these people are! And I will do so in the next few blog posts.

The first person I’d like to tell you about is my collaborator and co-producer Steve Webster. As I’ve mentioned in interviews, this is the first time that I’ve collaborated with anyone. Everything you hear on this album is something that we arrived at together. Either something we wrote or a decision we made. We threw ideas into the air – stripped the songs right down and we workshopped them over a long period of time until they were just right. It was a scary thing for me to do at first. I’m used to working in a solitary way and going through all of this on my own – until I’d reached a point where I was comfortable and ready to share the final arrangement with the band.

When Steve and I started I was uncomfortable sharing ideas that were not fully formed — ideas that, perhaps, weren’t that good. But what I learned, once I got over myself, is that even those ‘not-so-great’ ideas usually led somewhere. They were all part of the process, and the back and forth of different approaches got us to a beautiful place – one that I couldn’t have arrived at on my own. Several of these arrangements actually started out as duets that we would play with electric bass and voice before we expanded them for a larger group.

Steve is an incredible musician. He’s an inspired and creative person, an open and interested person. He’s spent his life in studios as a musician (electric bass), producer, and composer and he was a partner in Canada’s leading music production company RMW. On top of his musical knowledge, he’s been working with computers since there WERE computers and has been on the front edge of technology since then.  He’s an unsung hero of the sheet music preparation for this project. Unless you’ve done it, it’s hard to explain exactly how much work goes into the preparation of orchestral charts beyond the actual writing of the music. Preparing the scores and each individual musicians’ part is tedious and finicky and then there’s the proof-reading…

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is – this project is a product of OUR imagination, and the culmination of everything (ok, many things) we’ve learned throughout our lives as musicians.

Oh, and he also took all the photographs for the album artwork!