How do you know when art is finished?

Leonardo da Vinci supposedly said “art is never finished, only abandoned”.

If a true master like him doesn’t feel like his work is truly finished – how on earth could I feel like mine is?

The album is done and pressed and it’s coming out next week, on October 23rd. I can’t tweak, re-write, or change anything now. So I have “abandoned” it. Otherwise, it would never be done! There is alway something, especially with a project of this scope, that you could rethink or refine. It’s hard to let it go!

Of course the music will continue to develop and grow as we play it live. In fact, right now we are in the process of adapting the orchestrations so that we can play them in concert with a smaller group when necessary, which sometimes leads to some fascinating arrangements. And it will continue to evolve for me vocally, as I have more opportunities to sing these songs live. Special musical moments will develop as they only can after playing music over and over with the same musicians. I’m looking forward to that part!

But the recording is done and we will let it go…

The initial feedback that I’m getting is that the listeners are enjoying the discovery process of this album. They are hearing more and more detail upon repeated listens. This makes me happy because I know the time and energy that Steve and I put into every note in the almost two years that we spent on this project.

I hope you will discover some of those moments when you put this music on. That would be the ultimate reward for me.